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When you decide that Timberline Boxers is the right place for you to adopt a Boxer pup, then the first thing you need to do is pick out the pup of your choice and send in a $250.00 NON REFUNDABLE deposit.  The deposit ensures that you will get the pup of your choice.  The remainder plus shipping will be due when the pup is 8 weeks old.  Puppy must be paid in full by 8 weeks of age.  If you are unable to receive your puppy when agreed upon you will forfeit all rights to that particular puppy and monies paid and all claims to that puppy; unless a mutual delivery date is arranged and agreed upon prior to 8 weeks of age.  We will allow a credit in the amount of the puppy price to be used to purchase another puppy at a more convenient time.  NO MONEY WILL BE REFUNDED.  Comfortable payments may be made with payment in full received by 8 weeks of age.   We do however reserve the right to recommend a particular puppy to you based on experience in matching the puppys personalities and temperaments to your wishes, lifestyle and family considerations. 

European Boxer puppies sell for more than your standard boxer.  With the higher cost, you receive a higher quality boxer that will be a part of your family for many years.  Europeans tend to take very much pride in their boxers, ensuring that they conform to the standard and prove this by multiple showings of the dogs, winning championship after championship.  This is evident on the pedigrees that is provided with Timberline Boxer's puppies sold and on this website.  With the European boxers, a 3 year health guarantee is given.  This is because of the health testing that has went into my European boxers that ensure you will have a healthy puppy for a long time.  Check around at other European boxer breeders in the US and see how Timberline boxer's prices and puppies compare.   Feel free to call with any questions.  

Payment forms accepted:  Western Union, money order, personal check, bank wire or Paypal.   If paying with a personal check, your puppy will be shipped as soon as possible after your check clears the bank.  
Same day air ship is available with American Airlines or  Continental Airlines, to the lower 48 states.  Cost to airship can range from $250 to $350 which includes the airfare, sky kennel, vet health certificate and acclimation certificate, plus food and water for delays during travel.

During Summer months when it is hot out, flying puppies can be costly.  Ground transportation is available.  Ground transportation services make stops at locations that are in the middle of several people's location who have puppies on the air conditioned vans.  Please do not be discouraged by using ground transportation.  The cost is reasonable (~250$).  Continental Airlines is always willing to fly with their air conditioned flights but the cost is closer to $350

When you are purchasing one of our Boxers please send us an E-mail with your name, home address, phone number, desired airport to fly into, and the name of the person picking up your puppy.   We also, need to know which puppy you are interested in purchasing.

Feel free to write or call with any questions you may have at 620-717-2494.  Deposits should be mailed to:  

Brian Souders
1110 Cherry St.
Chetopa, KS 67336

Paypayl E-Mail Address - BSouders80@hotmail.com

Personal E-Mail Address - BSouders80@hotmail.com

Of course you are always welcome to pick up your new puppy at Timberline Boxers or arrangements can be made to meet you someplace in-between to save a longer drive for you.

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